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Top Las Vegas Hotel Deals

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We are always looking for the best promo code, promotional rates, and package deals to share. Below are a list of the some of current top promo codes and hotel specials in Las Vegas. Don't worry though, we will be covering all strip, off-strip, and downtown hotels and resorts.

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MGM Grand
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New York New York
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Circus Circus
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Saving Money in Las Vegas - Fortuitous Fortunes

Vegas Specials

"LAS VEGAS". The very name is heavy with meaning both classic and modern. Las Vegas invokes images of the wildest parties, the most incomparable luxury, the temptation of cheap fortunes and easy living. No wonder the city has been the subject of countless movies, songs, and novels. Today the city retains its legendary appeal, nearly mythic in its majesty. It is not just the elite who can enjoy its splendor however, even those of us who are watching our budgets closely can enjoy the thrills of the "City of Second Chances". Las Vegas, after all, is a major host to all sorts of discounts, deals, specials and other incentives designed to give people a chance to experience the city like a high-roller for a fraction of the cost.

For almost everything there is to experience in Las Vegas, there is a special deal waiting for the right customer. So, what sort of deals should you be looking for? Consider all the things you'll want to experience and compare them with the list below to be sure that you've considered every possible avenue for saving money!


Unless you're not having a great day at the tables, the cost of your hotel room will probably be your biggest expense while you're vacationing in Vegas. The options are endless, though. You can have anything you want from a basic drive-in lodge to a presidential suite. You should remember to put a lot of thought into what you want from where you'll stay; while most people don't go to Vegas to stay in, where you lay your head may have a lot to do with how well you enjoy your vacation. Fortunately, the first place to look for deals is one of the best places to find them.

To find the best deals on Hotels, you should consider all of the following options:

  • Season - The vacation season peaks in summer and winter, when families are going on vacation. Rates will always be their highest during these times. You stand to save a lot of money if you schedule your vacation for the off-season in the spring and the fall. Just make sure that you make your reservation early, just in case. If it's too late to make your reservation, you may want to try some of these other tips.
  • Online Deals - Many hotels have contracts to provide rooms to different online booking services. These contracts will be different with almost every different website. For some of the best deals, check out the specials that are available right here.
  • Promotions - Las Vegas is filled with classic hotels, but new ones are also opening all the time. Fantastic promotional deals are available for the consumer with their ear to the ground. Keep track of Casinos and motels that are opening in Vegas, and then contact them near their grand opening to see if they have any deals available. Chances are they'll have some unique promotion available that gives their guests an unthinkable deal on their lodgings. Remember though, these promotions often come with obligations such as required attendance at events or reviews. Make sure you understand the obligations before you agree to anything.

If you didn't come to Las Vegas for the gambling, then chances are that you came for the food. Las Vegas is famous for its prominent chefs and gourmet cuisine available in both courses and on the buffet line. Food of such great quality typically doesn't come cheap, but there are some important tips that will help you save the most possible.

The most important thing to remember is to consider your food choices when you are choosing your lodgings. Not only will most of the quality Casino hotels have excellent restaurants available to their patrons, but they'll also likely have access to special deals for the finer restaurants available around town.

If you want to save money more than you want to eat choice food, make sure that your room comes equipped with utilities necessary to prepare your own food. This will save you a huge amount of money over the course of the vacation. Try going out at least once though; the dishes in Vegas are not something to be missed.


No Vegas vacation is complete without enjoying the fabulous entertainment available in the city. There are so many shows available with so many different talents and features that you should choose what you want long before you leave for the vacation. This is especially important because some of these shows are so popular that the tickets sell out long in advance. Don't forget the wonderful Las Vegas Freebies!

The best way to find deals on the entertainment is to find where the acts are being held, and see what offers are available through the venue. The reservation charge will almost always be cheaper than the door charge, so buying tickets ahead of time is a surefire way to save money. Like with lodging, the season of the year will have a lot to do with the price and availability of entertainment. You may want to try to track how prices change over the course of a year to know the best time to go.

It's also important to remember that your hotel or casino may have special arrangements with the performers or venue that will allow you access to special deals that are otherwise never advertised. It is also common in Vegas for Casinos themselves to have venues for performers to play. Guests of the hotels attached to these casinos will often have access to the best deals on performances. Make sure you check with the concierge about all possible deals, as these deals may be only made available to guests who ask about them.

That's not all!

You've just reviewed some of the best tips to get deals on a Vegas vacation. Just remember how many options are available to save on your lodging, dining and entertainment. That's just an appetizer for the main course, though. Check here regularly to see even more Vegas-insider tips.

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